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Easy access to music for 150m  people in Africa

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Monthly Active Users, December 2023:
23.4 million
Music Tracks, December 2023:
2.2 million


239 million people in Sub-Saharan Africa have access to the internet on their phones – this is expected to grow to 483 million in 2025. Mobile subscribers are already listening to music on their phones, but primarily through illegal downloads similar to the situation in Europe and the US around 15 years ago. For several reasons, Africa is now moving in the same direction as the West and music is increasingly accessed through legal music services targeting the African market.

Our Market

There are (generally speaking) few record labels in Africa and illegally-distributed music is very popular – just as it was in the West in the past. Global music service providers are partly available in Africa, but they aren’t tailored to local consumers’ listening habits. Around 80% of all the music enjoyed on the continent is created by African artists.

Our Music Service

Mdundo is 100% tailor-made for audiences across Africa. Our music platform is accessed through our mobile website,, and through our android app. It is optimised for unstable internet connections and affordable smartphones, popular with African consumers.

Our Strategy:

Mdundo is focusing on 15 countries in Africa with a commercial focus in Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Ghana and Uganda. Mdundo wants to be the premier, legal, pan-African music service and we expect significant growth over the next five years through geographical expansion and pan-African partnerships.




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